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D. S. K. Vanoli dabbles in writing short stories as well as novels. Born in a small town in Germany on Hallows Eve, 1997, she's of German, Tamil, and Italian descent, hoping to become a polyglot someday so she can confuse her cats in five languages instead of just three.

In the dimly lit summer of 2007, she was whisked to London to be closer to her extended family, enjoy the rain showers of the city, and bathe in rivers of tea; black, three sugars.

During the move, she stumbled upon her mother's copy of 'IT' by Stephen King, and the allure of fictional murder was too enticing to give up, though nowadays she dips into all genres, not just horror.

When she's not annoying her cats, Dobby—who's yet to receive a sock— and Luna, she's watching ungodly amounts of anime with her husband, painting, playing video games, baking, or trying to make her Italian ancestors proud by not overcooking her homemade pasta.

Despite her office day job, she is focused on publishing more of her work. Keep your eyes peeled for more short stories, bundles, and novels!

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