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It's hallows eve, and all things sinister conspire. Danny and Tim's sleepover turns more ghastly than expected when the boys decide to venture through the night under the watchful eye of the moon. Will they survive this night, where nothing is as it seems, and the only thing they can count on is themselves?


Cupid's Arrow  Seasonal Mistakes 

It's Roman's first shift as Cupid's underling but he keeps missing his shot. Will any of the couples survive these questionable desires?



Ethan, Carl, and Dennis descend to earth, having spent most of their lives learning about humans, they're eager to see things first hand. Unfortunately for the brothers, Dennis has more than just a bit of exploring in mind, as he causes havoc at Buckingham Palace. Join them on their journey, where things get a bit frisky as they wander through London.



It's late at night and you're ripped out of sleep, your butler calls to tell you about one of your cows dying but boy oh boy is there more in store. More than you could have imagined...

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